Sunday, August 23, 2015

Anecdotes from the Cab of a Harley Davidson Tractor Trailer

My nephew and his best friend decided a few months ago to go to truck driving school.  Their hopes/dreams were to pass school, get their licenses and get a job with a reputable company as an over the road (otr) driving team.
They spent several weeks in Fort Scott, KS studying and learning.  The school had several trucking companies come and talk with the students.  Upon passing their classes and licensing exams, Schneider National, Inc.(big orange trucks) offered them a job driving as a team on a designated route.  That means they are contracted to drive for one and only one of Schneider's customers on a specific route or area.  Things only got better from there I thought as the route they were offered was hauling parts for Harley Davidson.  That meant they didn't have to drive the big orange truck, they get to drive the Harley Davidson tractor trailer like the one pictured below!  I told them they had the coolest truck driving job out there right now.
They have only been on the job for a couple of months and already have had some experiences.  While in training, a street sweeper got impatient waiting in a line of tractor trailers.  It was in front of their truck and my nephew was driving.  He had made sure to leave plenty of space just in case the sweeper had to back up.  Realize, both he and his friend AND their company trainer were in the truck and there was a line of trucks behind them so it wasn't like they could go anywhere.  The driver of the street sweeper started backing up and kept on coming full force hitting the front of the cab so hard it jammed the steering column back into my nephews arm scraping and bruising him up, and hurting his elbow.  He was unable to drive for a few days.
They have also experienced severe traffic jams.  Long waits and a 5hr detour.
Now that they are out of training and into the Harley truck they get a lot of attention from the bikers...honking, waving....
The best story nephew tells me when I spoke to him on his birthday, he was driving down the highway going 65 when a biker starts to pass him on the drivers side (or so he thought.) and made him really nervous.  He said the biker drove up real close to the drivers side front bumper and while holding the bike at 65 with one had pulls out a cell phone with the other hand and takes a selfie of himself on his bike with the truck going down the highway.
I am just glad he has found a job and really seems to enjoy it.  And, that he shares his stories of the road with me!

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