Thursday, October 24, 2013

Cold & Flu Season Approaches

We are heading into the cold and flu season and here in the Valley it seems it is always Strep season.  So, here are a few prevention tips form my family to yours:

1.  More Germs are passed by hand contact.  Teach your children to sneeze into elbow, Kleenex, shoulder, not hands. 

2.  Germs collect rapidly on the out sides of Lunch boxes, Back Packs & Purses.  If they are not machine washable at least wipe them down weekly with sanitizing wipes.

3.  Volunteer at your child's school during recess or lunch/recess time.  Cut their play 3-5 minutes short & escort them all to the bathroom & ensure that they wash their hands with warm soap & water before returning to class.

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