Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Have You Tried the Private Select Upside Down Cakes?

Most of you know by now that I participate in many product samplings. The main one I sample for is BzzAgent.com. You can search my site and read about the many samplings I have done. You can also go to the BzzAgent.com website to find out much more about the program.

For this BzzCampaign I was allowed to download a coupon to my shoppers card for a free Private Select Upside Down Cake. I was also given a link to share for others to get coupons for $$ off one.
This product excited me because it is perfect for entertaining or if you have to take something for a gathering. It is ready to go in like 15 minutes.
When I told my friends that I had joined this campaign they all chimed in that they would like to try a chocolate one. Here in my area I went to several stores. The Fry's stores keep this product in the Bakery. In all stores, it was located in the free standing open refrigerator where they keep the cold pies and cakes. Disappointingly enough, I could not find the Double Chocolate Molten cake. So, we went for the second choice of German Chocolate Cake.
These cakes have simple easy instructions, and are simple and easy to prepare. I prefer the regular oven heating method to the microwave heating method. It came out of the container beautifully. Though some of my friends thought that the cake could have been more moist, we all agreed it was very flavorful and tasted fresh. We still have plans to try the Amber Honey Apple Spice and if we can find it, the Double Chocolate Molten (with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on the side.)

Don't forget to go over to privateselection.com and get your coupon today.

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