Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Morningstar Farms Bzz Campaign

If you are a newer reader you will find that I am a BzzAgent. I sign up for campaigns at and they send me samples for us to try and share and give our opinions(Bzz) about. Many times we also get coupons to give away. This is one of my latest campaigns.

Okay so I am not much on veggie burgers. But, there are a couple out there I like.  This Bzz Campaign I sampled the Original and the Spicy Black Bean Burgers. has tons of recipes but, I chose to do my own thing.  My family and I cooked up a few of each patty of the two we chose to try.  I made some bow tie pasta and spaghetti sauce; sauteed onions, bell peppers, and garlic; and heated some frozen mixed vegetables.  We also pulled out the hamburger buns and our own favorite condiments and toppings.
My picky kids weren't thrilled with either really.  If they HAD to choose they preferred the Original.  Issues with spice and black beans.  My husband and I hands down preferred the Spicy Black Bean Burger.  I found I liked it best broken into pieces, mixed with the pasta, sauce sauteed veggies and mixed veggies all together.
The Spicy Black Bean Burger patty has only 120 calories, 4g fiber, 11g protein.

Allergen Information:



11 oz/4 ct, 9.5 oz/ 4 ct, 8 ct Value Pack

Dietary Exchange Per Serving:

1 lean meat, 1 carbohydrate

Kosher Status:

Kosher Dairy

I felt very comfortable eating this as a Meatless Monday meal and not worrying that my blood sugar would bounce like crazy.
What I would like to see is if they could make this particular patty Soy FREE and Gluten Free then it would be just about perfect.
Thanks for the samples and coupons friends and family really enjoyed trying these.

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