Thursday, August 16, 2012

Arizona Republic rate Skyrockets as of September 10, 2012

It is a sad, sad day - I am just disgusted

I received a notice today from The Arizona Republic.  It was informing me that as of September 10, 2012 the rates were increasing to $9.00 monthly if you receive the Sunday and Wednesday editions as I do.

 I currently have my subscription paid until December.  I signed on at a discounted rate of $1 per week for the Sunday paper and they tossed in the Wednesday paper for free (so that they don't have to pay USPS to deliver the ad papers to me).

They are doing this because of their Internet version/ "Multiple Ways to Connect."  They want me to pay $5.00 more a month for a so-so paper that I only buy for the coupons.

I say, "No Thank You." 

The notice states I can begin paying the new rate as soon as my current subscription runs out.  The week before that happens, I shall cancel my paper and return to purchasing my paper at the store and hope I get decent coupons.

I say that as The AZ Republic only guarantees all inserts will be in the paper and the larger inserts to home delivery customers.  They actually have 2 different insert versions that they use in their stand papers across the Phoenix Metro Area.

Makes me also wonder, are they going to hike the stand price (currently $2.00 for a Sunday edition), and if so by how much.

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