Saturday, April 23, 2011

Nathan Engels aka MrCoupon (and Mom) Interview

Okay folks. I was soooo excited to get to ask my 5 little questions. Thanks to all of you who asked them of me first. Below you will find my Q&A with Nathan and his Mom. Note - she answered my question in bold. He was also nice enough to include links.

If you haven't checked out yet, click on over and do. It is a wealth of resources and info. I am not only an affiliate, I am an avid user of the site.



Thanks so much for the opportunity to ask you a few questions. You and your mom were great. We frugal families wait for the episodes to be posted to the internet and watched you there.

1. The biggest question my fans, friends, and family want to know is - How do you get around store/company coupon policies? Example - you went to Kroger and they doubled 40 like coupons for you. The Fry's/Kroger that we shop at won't vary from the policy of 3 like coupons - and now in some areas 1st coupon doubles. Did they do it just for the show? No, in my region Kroger has unlimited doubles! So we are very blessed. They didn’t change any rules for us.

2. You said you filed your coupons by type and date. What did you mean by this? Insert type or coupon type? Insert date or exp date??? I have a post about that right here!!!

3. How often do you go shopping? Weekly? Generally on Saturdays every week!

4. Do you shop at more than one grocer or are you Kroger loyal? I LOVE Kroger. They have a great and generous coupon policy. I also shop Meijer, Walmart and Walgreens depending on the week!

5. On average, how many like inserts do you get in a week per family member?? or do you even base it that way? I get around 8-10 inserts a week for my family! I also dumpster dive and if you want to watch our Frugal TV episode about it, click this link:

6. Mom - did you sit him down when he was little and start teaching him to coupon then or did he just figure it out on his own later? I ask because sometimes it is really hard to get husbands (men in general) on board with this type of savings.

He just figured it out on his own later. As he was growing up he saw me couponing, shopping the sales, going to garage sales, and generally trying to save money. I think seeing me trying to save money in different ways helped him to decide to do the same.

Thanks again for the Q&A opportunity.


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