Monday, October 25, 2010

Tombstone Halloween Pizza Party

Well we were a week later than originally planned but, we had our Tombstone Pizza Halloween House Party.
If you haven't heard about, go on over and check them out. You apply for different house parties, if accepted, they send you a party kit that usually includes decorations, free products and accessories, coupons for you and your guests and other stuff.
This one was provided by Tombstone Pizza and Nestle(refrigerated cookie dough, candy bars and Wonka candy). What a great Halloween Party Theme.
My kids had a blast making tombstones to decorate our yard like a graveyard. The kids all came in their costumes.  We served Tombstone original pizza in several variety toppings, Salad, Nestle candy bars, and Nestle cookies. We played a Tombstone madlibs game, feed the wolfman game, bobbed for apples, pin the nose on the pumpkin, and a few others.  Oh yeah, and we did this thing where they had to put their hand in different bowls and we told them that one bowl had brains in it(cooked spaghetti), one had bones in it(raw pasta, pretzels and fava beans), and one bowl had eye balls in it(peeled grapes mostly whole some halves).
Here are a couple more pics.

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