Thursday, October 28, 2010

City Deals - free- $$$

Wow, I am behind the 8-ball with this post.  My friend SM told me about this site earlier in the week and I have been perusing it but, now I see other bloggers have already posted about these deals.

CityDeals is not one of those one-deal-a-day sites.  They offer deals all the time for places you shop, eat, play, etc.  
Right now they have $25 gift cards for places like WalMart or Kmart on sale for 20% off.  Plus, if you use the code wallflower you will receive free shipping.  So, you would be getting a $25 gift card for $20 shipped.  I love free money!  
Make sure when you search for the deals like this, that you search by just typing in the State.  You will see more, offers that way.

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