Friday, August 13, 2010

Better late than never

Today I was late linking up to the Blog Hops. I try to hook up on Thursday pm or early Friday am. This being the first week of school things got a little back logged. Also, my 4 yr old goes to pre-K Mon-Thurs. We joined a playgroup over the summer and they meet on Friday's at 9am. Perfect right? Well, I don't know what happened. I received 3 invites from the Facebook event page for today. 9am @ Tempe Historical Museam, free - but operates on donations, has a kids play area, yada yada. Some of us showed, found out the museum doesn't open until 10am. Me and mine were the only ones that actually went and played. Next week we are going to skip the play group because we found out that the activity center next to the museum has a free arts 'n crafts day from 9-11am.

I try to find fun free things for the kids to do. Usually they are educational too. We have done the free museum first Sunday, now this museum - worth taking my 6.5 yr old back to since she is in school today and didn't get to go - next week arts 'n crafts. Now I want to hunt stuff up for the next couple of weeks. Tomorrow is free water play - we are cleaning the van - haha.

I am here in Arizona. Make sure you check in your neck of the woods too.
FREE Is Good!
Happy Friday 13th!

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