Friday, July 9, 2010

Lables for Education/ Coupon Link

It amazes me how, in my generation, the thing you collected to help your school was Campbell's Soup Labels. My elementary school bought playground equipment and computers(readers and what was considered a computer back then) for the library. It was a no brainer you had the stuff at home and even the neighbors without kids gave you their labels.
Today it is even easier as Campbell's has grown to incorporate Pepperidge Farms and V8 and other brands. Schools need them even more with the economy and states in financial trouble.
Yet, it is like pulling teeth to get people to save them or to get some schools to use them.
My time may be stretched but, I have decided to take on the task of coordinator for my daughter's school. Hopefully I will be able to figure out a plan before school starts.
Go HERE for a coupon for soup.

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