Sunday, June 6, 2010

Oscar Mayer Thrill of the Grill Hot Dog House Party

Fun, Fun, Fun! Such a fun theme. Nationally it is scheduled for high Noon on Saturday, June 19th. We here in the desert (Arizona) say, "No Way!" to that. I am having mine at the local park the evening before. Lots of yellow and red decor, dress your dog bar, cupcakes that look like hot dogs, chips, lots of water, fun games and giveaways! This is my first "House Party" so I am a bit nervous. The kids will have a blast, need to think about the adult guests now. The party package has free hot dog coupons, ketchup coupons, frisbees, soft baseballs, wiener mobile whistles, napkins and plates, a jar of ketchup, tongs, hot pad holders wow this is fun.
For those of you local readers/ followers, let me know if you are want to stop in and enjoy the fun.

There are a lot of cool house parties coming up so check it out and sign up now.

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