Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Children and the Things They Eat

When I was little we put ketchup in our mashed potatoes, dipped our chips in plain Miracle Whip. I use to dip carrots that were cooked with meat in the ketchup too. This past week though I have seen some new ones. My oldest likes to dip her green beans in Ketchup.
Today, my 28 month old went into the refrigerator and got out a hot dog and his glass of milk that he had put back earlier. Then, he got a fork from the dishwasher(clean). He took the items to the kids table, laid the hot dog down and cut it into 4 sections with the fork. He then stabbed one piece and proceeded to dunk the hot dog piece into his milk and eat it. When he was done, I picked up the remaining pieces and fork. I tried to take the milk but, he said he wasn't done and proceeded to take several big drinks of the milk (where you could see tiny pcs of hot dog floating. Soooo Gross!


  1. Oh yes. My boys like Ranch with their hot dogs (blech!) but as long as they eat... I am ok with it!