Friday, May 14, 2010

Water Conservation

Okay, so I live in the desert and you have to be water wise.
Basics: fix the leaky faucets fast, turn the water off while you brush your teeth, consider using a tub inside your sink to do dishes and then dump the dirty water** outside on something that is thirsty (not a family member or pet though), if you replace a toilet get one of those new WaterSense labeled toilets, etc...

* Check for toilet leaks. Add food coloring to the tank. If it is leaking the color will show up in the bowl in about 15 min. Remember to flush when test is done so that the food coloring doesn't stain your tank or bowl.

* Water when needed - water during the cool part of the day - midnight to 10 am to reduce evaporation and keep those roots from boiling in the water.

* Make sure to plant climate-appropriate plants and use mulch.

** Most cities you pay for sewage by a little detector in your water box that tells how much water goes down your drains. Not so here in AZ. But, to help you all out, the more water you keep from going down your drains the more money you save. If you have a ground floor bathroom with a tub & window, consider bucketing or using a syphon hose to remove the water out of the tub via the window instead of the drain. 

Some websites for further helpful info are:

Arizona Municipal Water Users Assoc.
AZ Dept. of Water Resources

Remember to check your local city and state's Water Conservation Office and your community centers for area specific info in the form of pamphlets, classes, and so on. I picked up 6 free booklets and pamphlets on water conservation, landscaping, recycling and a directory & info guide at one of our local rec centers.

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