Thursday, May 6, 2010


Okay, so I made it through the group In-Law visit and Dog show last weekend and this week is flying. Tomorrow we have our Pre-school field trip to the Zoo and then I have to cut that a little short and be at the oldest's school by 2:15pm because they are doing a "Mommy Make over" party to celebrate Mother's Day.

Yesterday I received my package from Spring Hill Nursery in the mail. 50 Ozark strawberry plants, 2 grass plants and one succulent spreader plant. Now I have to find dirt and start planting. I still have the black berry vines if anyone wants to try their hand at them. And, I still have 4 flower bulbs and alot of wild flowers and veggies to plant.
I have Sweet Basil, Tomato plants and sunflowers in starter pots in my bedroom window. I must be crazy with the clay dirt here. My garbage garden is doing okay though. More on that later.

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