Thursday, May 27, 2010

Savory Rice Medley

Okay, so here is my first food/ recipe post.  Last night I decided to try to make something with rice from scratch.  Only about the second time I have ever done that.  I grabbed one of my boxes of Success rice - one I got on sale with a coupon and sent in for a Disney rebate for buying it and the Princess and The Frog DVD - money maker.
I went online to Success Rice's website and looked up some recipes and chose this one.  Savory Rice Medley.


2               green onions sliced - I have a green onion plant that I am hoping will seed so I snipped 2 stocks.
1               carrot peeled and sliced
1     Tb      chicken-flavor boullion granules
1/2   tsp     basil leaves - I have baby basil plants I just snipped 3 leaves
2     Tb      olive oil
1     bag     (3.5oz ea) Success White or Brown Rice) - I chose white


Prepare rice according to package directions.  In a large skillet, cook onions, carrots, boullion and basil in oil until tender.  Add cooked rice, heat through.

It was okay but, a little salty and bland for our taste.  Next time I make it here is how I will tweek it:

Double the amounts of carrots, green onions, and basil.  Saute the carrots and two stalk of green onion and 1/2 tsp of basil in olive oil in a small pan.  In a serving dish, toss cooked rice with sauteed ingredients, then toss in remaining green onions and basil.  Cover for 2 min. then serve.

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  1. Your way does sound much better than the orginal. :)