Sunday, May 23, 2010

Ahhh Cool Air!

Okay so, at around 11:30 am Thursday morning my A/C died.  I called the landlord.  It got up to 100 degrees outside that day.  Took the kids to work with me at night to keep them cool, get home to sleep in an oven.  At 10 am Friday, the A/C repair man showed up.  He worked on it until 2pm.  It was cooling when he left.  My littlest(2yrs) though was running a fever and laying over a pillow staring at the wall.  Cross between heat exhaustion and the Chicken Pox Vaccine.  At 4:30pm it died again, this time it kept blowing(but, hot air) and wouldn't shut off by moving the thermostat temp control.  Not too good when 3-5 is the hottest part of the day and we were up to 101 degrees outside.  Another tech came out  around 5:00pm.  At 6:15pm, he made a phone call on his cell phone, packed up and left with out so much as saying BOO!  At 7pm, the owner of the company showed up with his wife.  He is the A/C guru and has dealt with this house for many years(it is a rental and his friend owns it).  He searched and found the problem, said he could have thrown a lot of man hours at it and they still wouldn't have been able to find it.  Oddly installed system.  He found it, fixed it and the a/c was starting to cool the house by 8pm.  Thank you thank you thank you thank you.  I gave the little one a dose of Advil and put him to bed in just his diaper and a light sheet.
Saturday morning the house felt really good, the little one though a little dehydrated and constipated was feeling much better.  We didn't do much but re-coop.  I still have 2 days back log on dishes I am working on as I didn't want to heat up the house in any way.

Just glad this happened now and not when the temps here in the Valley of the Sun were up around 115!
Thanks for understanding about no blog entries, hope you have a cool summer!

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