Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Okay I am finding it to be late Wednesday evening and I am just posting and it isn't about much. Tomorrow the in-laws begin arriving, I still have 3000 papers to wrap, 1/2 a house to clean, children to tend, volunteer time at daughters class, and I didn't ever find time to blog or post pics on gardening.
My neighbors' landscaper sprayed weed killer in my new flower bed, woops there goes 1/2 of the new little sprouts.
Our rose bush has 2 cute tiny little buds on it. That other flower that I can't pronounce started with one bloom and now has 6 more bursting open.
The green onions that were rotting in my refrigerator last spring, that I planted and were growing and then I thought died and then came back up this spring have tops a bloomin'. Hopefully they will seed and I will plant more green onions and not let them go to seed and pick them to cook with. I'll have to blog sometime about the "Garbage Garden" I had growing in Louisiana some time.
Aloe Vera and other cactus that I got 1/2 - 3/4 dead are starting to look really healthy.
Basil has sprouted from seeds, tomatoes not yet. Need to plant the peppers, parsley, and several other seeds I have but, still need to create the square foot garden and get dirt.
Need to find a home for blackberry vines if they are still viable.
Patiently waiting on my next free + shipping order from Spring Hill Nursery. Ordered lots of Strawberry plants, a spreader adn some other things.
Time for bed - Nite All

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