Monday, April 5, 2010

New BzzAgent BzzCampaign Kit


For those of you who are now sitting there clueless, I am a Bzz Agent. What that means is, I signed up at to do market research.

I fill out a few surveys and share my opinions on some posts. Then, I can sign up for campaigns. I just signed up for a new campaign, they send you full sizes samples of the product for you to test/ use. You leave posts on how you like it , who you told about it, who you shared coupons and samples with (if any for campaign they send them in the kit). For each approved post (and they are easy to get approved) you get like 50 points.

The Bzz Campaign I received the kit for today is the Scrubbing Bubbles Automatic Shower Cleaner! They send you the machine and the initial supply of cleaner. I am putting it in my shower...ask me in a separate email about my shower if you want the full horror story. Also, because I would be concerned with the chemical residue on the tub that I am bathing my children in. I can test it using either of the instructions, I am doing both. I am going to super clean half of my shower and leave the other half as is. I want to see if it works like they say it does both ways.

I will try to copy my progress reports to my blog(Cent$ To Me) so you all can know how well it is going. Maybe I'll figure out how to upload some before and after pics to my blog.

FREE Is Good!

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