Monday, April 26, 2010

Deals from this week

Well, I am not much for posting all the deals I get or what I bought at what store and for how much but, I have come across a few good ones here and there this week so I thought I would tell you about them.
First, I must say I don't know links for much as I printed many of these off at the beginning of the month. Search by manufacturer or try Deal Seeking Mom or Money Saving Mom sites.
One deal that tops my list was my Digiorno Pizza with Bread Sticks. I went to several stores this week and at each one I checked the price of these new pizza & Stick combos. The cheapest I found it was at Albertson's (Linsey & Warner).
4 Cheese Pizza with cheesy sticks = $5.99 - $3/1 printable = $2.99
Supreme Pizza with cheesy sticks = $5.99 - $3/1 printable = $2.99
2 Marcal Bath Tissue $0.99 ea = $1.98 - 2 Free or $1/1's printable = FREE
(and I need to go back today because I forgot to take my coupon from this Sunday's paper - hmm do I need free toilet paper, paper towels or kleenex?)(FYI I haven't had to pay for toilet paper or kleenex - it will be 2 years this June)
2 pkg of the 10/$10 cookies = $2.00 - $1/1 peely = 20 cookies for $1
Grand Total = $6.98 for 2 pizzas + .26 tax for all.
In February I recycled 5 ink cartridges at Office Max where I had gotten a Max Perks card from. they credited me $3 ea = $15. The reward is accessible the next month. I went today and bought 2-96pc packs of construction paper, an office max brand pkg of 24 glue sticks and a box of color collection crayons total was $15.56 + tax. OOP was $1.81. Yes, my children are restocked with some art supplies and I didn't even spend 2 bucks!
I did get other free and cheap items this week too but, these were the best of the deals.

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