Thursday, March 4, 2010

Well, what I thought was a small case of food poisoning must have been more. My youngest was sick Fri., I was sick Monday - thought it was from being marinaded Fri. Yesterday, they sent my oldest home from school with a stomach ache, and my middleone threw-up on me as I was getting ready for work last night. I don't see how some of these big bloggers find the time to blog everyday, work and raise kids. I would have to have 5 other bloggers helping me. mmmmm.
Picking Oranges today maybe. The house next door is for sale, bank owned some how, long story. There is an orange tree in the back yard. Oranges are ripe here. I called the real estate agent and asked if I could pick them. Helps me out, I can maybe help others out by sharing, and it helps them out because there aren't rotting oranges all over

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