Thursday, January 28, 2010

Pet Food Savings

I shop all over the place for cat food just as I do groceries. I have a petperks card for PetsMart and I subscribe to their newsletter. They send out really good coupons via email. Today I got my set of coupons.
What is also nice, is that they accept manufacturer's coupons AND they accept Competitors coupons.
Many manufacturer's offer coupons on their websites.

Examples: I will go in and buy 2 lg. bags of cat food, use petperks card and get a small discount, use PetsMart coupon and get $5 off a $25 purchase, use a PetCo card and get $5 off, use manufacturer's coupons on each bag and get another $2-$6 off.
I can usually also find cat food with peelies on it for free items, $ off when you buy bag and another item.
I received $5 PetSmart gift cards inside my bags of cat food in November and December and was able to use those too.

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